Amazing products, crafted by the ideal partners.

Your business is positioned for remarkable growth and you know you need to find the right partners to make it happen. Now what?

What We Do

That’s where JHL Solutions comes in… our strategic sourcing services focus on your most critical issues and opportunities:

  • Improving your sales and profitability
  • Elevating existing partnerships
  • Finding, vetting and onboarding new supplier partners
  • Streamlining development and production lead-times
  • Reducing investment risk
  • Enhancing collaboration across teams

Our Vision & Mission

  • Vision: A trusted business partner known for mobilizing change and a demonstrated commitment to leading with integrity, compassion, vulnerability and openness.
  • Mission: Establish strong supplier partnerships for product businesses seeking growth, opportunity and a culture of value-based consumerism.

Why JHL Solutions?

  • Customized solutions: There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, JHL works diligently to understand your unique business. Whether the need is subject matter expertise, business insights or peak workload support, customized solutions are vital to bring business visions to life.
  • Depth of expertise: With nearly 20 years of mass retail experience, JHL brings deep, functional expertise to your growing business – connecting the dots between strategy development, sourcing, analysis and execution.
  • Flexible and efficient: The lean nature of our operating structure provides the flexibility and efficiency you need to get your products on the shelves quickly – no delays, no handoffs. You also have a direct line of sight into the work being done, how the work drives results, and your return on investment.
  • Cultural agility: Having the knowledge and awareness of how business and social cultures differ can have a dramatic impact on the cooperation within your company. JHL has a long history of global partnerships and can leverage these existing relationships to deliver value for key partners that are international in scope and location.
  • Value-based pricing structure: JHL bases fees on the support and value clients receive – not by an hourly rate or flat-rate commission.
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