Maximize your Investment

Knowing what to look for and how to assess your next retailer or consumer product manufacturer is a challenge.

Think that you may have found your next great investment? Let JHL help you reduce the risk and effort in investing in retail and product companies, and find ones that will thrive in your mid-market portfolio.  JHL offers a wide range of solutions for retail and product investors.

Customized solutions for Investors:


Research and data that gives you the
confidence to move forward:

  • Independent operational due diligence assessment
  • Vetting of existing capabilities and organizational structure of potential investments
  • Assessment of performance on key success metrics for industry and company
  • Review of growth potential across a variety of retail channels


Customized support to meet leaders
and teams where they are:

  • Proactive support for internal assessment team and business investment
  • Quick response guidance to navigate challenges at any stage of the investment and growth plan journey
  • Business advisor and thought partner for your most pressing business strategies and challenges
  • Fractional executive leadership support


Implementation to bring your partnership and product development initiatives to life:

  • Expansion of supplier base or elevation of current supplier performance
  • Execution of post-merger integration activities
  • Key operational processes to enhance the productivity of business: supplier research and onboarding, operationalized product development, negotiation approach, organizational structure realignment