This is a break from our regularly scheduled programming.

This is a break from our regularly scheduled programming. I’ll get back to the business of business in short order, but as we head towards the beginning of another new year, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on, and share my appreciation for the amazing adventure that has been 2018. I’m also here to celebrate a birthday—well, anniversary, really. Of JHL Solutions. I incorporated in the winter of last year. Less than two […]

How You Can Seize the Future

How You Can Seize the Future In my last four articles, we’ve taken a look at the key trends shaping the future of retail, and therefore, sourcing. We’ve seen how customers are now expecting more personalization, more speed, and more transparency in their retail experience, mostly due to the rise of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) companies that use data to power the business. We’ve also discovered how these same trends are driving innovation in sourcing, from new […]

Just-in-Time Manufacturing

Just-in-Time Manufacturing What’s one of the most exciting trends in sourcing? Well, for me, it’s how some companies are using just-in-time manufacturing to produce their goods and usher in a new era of inventory management. Let’s see what’s happening. Wanted: Inventory Management for the Digital Age Take a look at last quarter’s earnings calls, and you’ll feel like you’re reading the retail version of A Tale of Two Cities. For some retailers, it was the […]