Where Retail Waste Begins

Where Retail Waste Begins: Production Welcome back. As promised, I’ve started my examination into retail and the Circular Economy. This update, on retail waste, is the first of many different subjects we’ll explore. But before diving in, you may want to spend some time rekindling your “circular” knowledge. If that’s the case, I’d suggest you visit the first-rate Ellen MacArthur Foundation website, which is my first stop whenever I do research. You can also check […]

Glass Orb and Leaves

Can Retail Go Circular?

I’ve been in love with the idea of the Circular Economy ever since I first heard about it. Zero waste.  Closed system. So simple, clean, and alluring.  As someone who’s spent her professional life in retail, I had to wonder: Could the Circular Economy be THE breakthrough? Could it help us talk more compellingly about sustainability and accelerate progress on the issue?  Now, as much as I loved working in retail—mass retail, to be specific—something never sat quite right […]