A Proven Approach to Supplier Relationship Management

Your business challenges are complex and you deserve solutions that are developed with a combination of retail expertise,
project management acumen and commitment to your success.  Below is JHL's approach to providing that support:


JHL Solutions uses a comprehensive planning and road-mapping process to establish expectations, goals and objectives, project deliverables, and success metrics to accurately measure your return on investment. This information will be evaluated and used to create a customized service proposal that will deliver results for your business.

Once priorities are aligned, comprehensive research of your industry, market, and competition will be used to develop optimal solutions for your business. This can include strategy roadmaps or action plans, training curriculum, supplier vetting or assessments, etc.
Throughout the life of the engagement, JHL will use project management disciplines to break down the scope of work, develop an impactful approach and implement changes. Learnings and progress will then be embedded into the culture of your organization, empowering your team and ensuring long-lasting, sustainable benefits.