Running full speed ahead – or for the hills?

Running full speed ahead – or for the hills? Vetting prospective suppliers is part art, part science. To do it well, you’ll need to navigate in the gray, as well as calculate in black and white.  But as I have outlined recently, there has never been a more critical time to be sure that you have the correct partners to support strategic initiative launches, such as your participation in the circular economy. When you begin […]

This is a break from our regularly scheduled programming.

This is a break from our regularly scheduled programming.   I’ll get back to the business of business in short order, but as we head towards the beginning of another new year, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on, and share my appreciation for the amazing adventure that has been 2018. I’m also here to celebrate a birthday—well, anniversary, really. Of JHL Solutions. I incorporated in the winter of last year. Less than […]

Dating for Business? Part II

Dating for Business? Part II (The following is a continuation of my previous article. So if you haven’t checked out my second article yet, you’ll definitely want to start there.) When it comes to building relationships in business, the approach I like combines the variety of candidates you see on “The Bachelor” with meaningful data. It’s more like what e-Harmony does. The partnering process starts with self-reflection, then moves onto priorities for the potential mate, […]

Dating for Business? Part I

Dating for Business? Part I At a recent sit-down, I was talking about the concepts for managing supplier relationships, and a colleague asked, “So is it really like business dating?” And I loved that insight, because developing and navigating supplier relationships can indeed mirror the world of dating. Now, all this can play out in a few different ways—and in my humble opinion, some “business dating” strategies have a much better chance at success than […]

Hello and Welcome

Hello & Welcome!

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