Sourcing: Present and Future

How to build and maintain your unfair competitive retail advantage

I am, by profession and nature, both a lover and student of retail.

I try to stay current on industry trends in retail, and since my particular passion is sourcing, whenever I hear about the latest and greatest innovations, my first questions are:

“How are they going to make, sell, and ship that?” 

Within this section, I’ll share insights that help unpack how suppliers of the future can not only navigate these changing expectations, but position themselves to deliver in ways that their competition can’t or won’t.  You’ll find resources that cover not only the how-to of retail sourcing, but the ‘what’s next’  and ‘how to go after.’

Latest Update

  • How You Can Seize the Future In my last four articles, we’ve taken a look at the key trends shaping the future of retail, and therefore, sourcing. We’ve seen how customers are now expecting more personalization, more speed, and more transparency in their retail experience, mostly due to the rise of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) companies that … Read More