Sustainable Sourcing

Doing what’s right today, for tomorrow

The days of believing that sourcing sustainably isn’t worth the expense are long gone.  Consensus after consensus shows that at its heart, sustainable sourcing is all about reducing waste and inefficiency.  And if expense reduction isn’t enough to persuade you – let your customers show you, as sustainable and transparent sourcing is rapidly rising to the top of many Gen Y and Z purchase criteria.

But treading into this topic is a deep, deep ocean – there are an incredible number of factors to consider, as you build your commitment to a more sustainable footprint.  My advice is this: don’t let the vastness of the opportunity stop you.  Find one step to take, one assessment to conduct, one technology to invest in and make that move.

In this section, I’ll highlight compelling success stories, questions to ponder and ideas on where to get started in this journey.

Latest Update

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