Powered by strong supplier partnerships

As a consumer product supplier, you have a lot of decisions to make about where to source the products you sell.

Successful management of your supplier matrix comes down to understanding two ideas: what makes a supplier great and what makes a great supplier for you. Making supply chain decisions isn’t easy. JHL can help you elevate or find the partners you need to get your product in the right places, in front of the right customers.

Customized solutions for Suppliers:


Research and data that gives you the
confidence to move forward:

  • Vetting of supplier capabilities:
    • Proactive searching for the perfect supplier(s), or
    • Responsive requests to vet supplier(s) of your choice.
  • Assessment of performance on key success metrics for your suppliers
  • Review of client and channel compatibility to find the perfect location(s) to place your product


Customized support to meet leaders
and teams where they are:

  • Supplier / team workshops and tools to develop and train your team on key activities and subject matter
  • Business advisor and thought partner for your most pressing business strategies and challenges
  • Fractional executive leadership support


Implementation to bring your partnership and product development initiatives to life:

  • Development and delivery of:
    • Approaches to expand supplier base or elevate current supplier performance
    • Key operational processes to enhance the productivity of your team: supplier research and onboarding, operationalized product development, negotiation approach, organizational structure realignment
    • Connections with new suppliers