Brave New Models (In Resale)

In previous articles, I’ve briefly touched on the areas of re-commerce and resale. I wanted to come back to this concept and dig in further, because the momentum for recycling consumer goods is building. But while recycling more is a great measurement for success, recycling fast is not. A key principle of circular economics is to keep goods in service for as long as possible, then find ways to recycle, repurpose, or remanufacture items you […]

The Case for Using Recycled Materials

The goal of circularity, as we’ve discovered, is to remove waste throughout the system that produces retail goods (or any other system, really). It’s about redesigning, reusing, and recycling consumer products—and reducing their negative impact on the environment. Today, we’re going to begin our look at recycling, a key part of the circular equation. More specifically, we’ll examine the four most promising ideas in this area: Using recycled raw materials in products Expanding opportunities for […]

Waste in Retail Packaging

Waste in Retail Packaging: A Brief Primer Full disclosure: This article was particularly tough to write. Sure, the subject itself, waste in packaging, can be both depressing and difficult to describe. But on a more personal level, I had to come face-to-face with an inconvenient truth. I was a major contributor to the waste problem.  You see, I had converted to mostly online shopping following the birth of my first child. Oof. As I did […]