Recycle HERE (Yes, Really!)

Want to put your commitment to sustainability front and center with customers? Then give them products that can be easily recycled. Not only are these programs good for Planet Earth, but they’re also good business. More and more, consumers are interested in finding retailers and brands who are committed to recycling, and they’re rewarding them with greater loyalty and more purchases. Nike: Recycling, Designed Right In Successful recycling programs aren’t add-ons or afterthoughts—they’re the result […]

The Case for Using Recycled Materials

The goal of circularity, as we’ve discovered, is to remove waste throughout the system that produces retail goods (or any other system, really). It’s about redesigning, reusing, and recycling consumer products—and reducing their negative impact on the environment. Today, we’re going to begin our look at recycling, a key part of the circular equation. More specifically, we’ll examine the four most promising ideas in this area: Using recycled raw materials in products Expanding opportunities for […]

The Circular Economy by the Numbers

The Material Circularity Indicator and the Linear Flow Index You know that old managerial maxim of “what gets measured, gets managed?” Well, it sure applies to the world of sustainability, too. You simply can’t evaluate the efficacy of any eco-friendly initiative without a set of clear and strong measurements. These metrics need to tell a genuine and compelling story of progress, one devoid of “green-washing” or other half-hearted efforts. What first drew my attention to […]

Glass Orb and Leaves

Can Retail Go Circular?

I’ve been in love with the idea of the Circular Economy ever since I first heard about it. Zero waste.  Closed system. So simple, clean, and alluring.  As someone who’s spent her professional life in retail, I had to wonder: Could the Circular Economy be THE breakthrough? Could it help us talk more compellingly about sustainability and accelerate progress on the issue?  Now, as much as I loved working in retail—mass retail, to be specific—something never sat quite right […]

The Circular Economy, More Practically Speaking

The Circular Economy, More Practically Speaking In my last two updates, we’ve talked about the circular economy, a “green revolution” that’s beginning to take hold among retailers, brands, manufacturers and consumers. So far, we’ve defined what the circular economy is, and we’ve discovered why it’s time to take it seriously. But now, we’re going to turn our attention to more pragmatic matters. First, we’ll look at what retailers, brands and manufacturers are currently doing to […]