Right Product.
Right Product.
The road to success starts with high-quality products.
Right Partners
Right Partners.
Identify, understand and elevate partnerships with key suppliers.
Right Decisions
Right Decisions.
The solutions your business needs to grow.
Sourced right
Sourced Right.
Source the products you sell with confidence.

Supplier Partnerships. Decoded.

Retail is undergoing a massive transformation. In response to that, many businesses are primarily focused on market insights and product development to ensure continued customer satisfaction and growth.  But that might not be enough to thrive in today’s retail landscape, where the need for improved purchasing partnerships, processes and decision making is growing exponentially. These businesses need strategic support to compete and stand out from the competition.

JHL Solutions delivers vetting, onboarding and negotiations strategies for existing businesses who make, sell and invest in products for people, specifically home goods and apparel. We help businesses better understand and elevate partnerships with key suppliers – driving productivity, growth and profit.

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Who we Serve

JHL Solutions helps suppliers and retailers elevate their partnerships through improved vetting, onboarding and negotiations support.





Juli Lassow

Juli Lassow

Founder, Prinicpal
As the founder and principal of JHL Solutions, Juli Lassow is responsible for helping businesses evaluate and redefine their sourcing structures, through coaching, consulting and training.