Right Product.
Right Product.
The road to success starts with high-quality products.
Right Partners
Right Partners.
Identify, understand and elevate partnerships with key suppliers.
Right Decisions
Right Decisions.
The solutions your business needs to grow.
Sourced right
Sourced Right.
Source the products you sell with confidence.

Retail Supplier Partnerships. Decoded.

Retail is changing.  Faster than ever.  With that change, retailers are increasingly focused on data, analytics, and technologies to help them better understand and serve their customers.  Retail suppliers are focused on trade dynamics, supply chain disruptions, well as their performance metrics and data, to increase efficiency and keep costs from rising.

But now these businesses are spending less time talking to each other and making progress on shared goals.  The result is that fewer great retail partnerships are being formed.  Fewer great products are being developed.  And both groups spend too much time fixing mistakes caused by not understanding each others’ expectations.

That’s where JHL Solutions can help.  We support retailers and suppliers in finding, developing products, and better negotiating with each other.  Our clients see faster results, build greater value, and better products that their customers love.

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JHL Solutions helps suppliers and retailers elevate their partnerships through improved partner onboarding, private label product development, and negotiations support.





Juli Lassow

Juli Lassow

Founder, Prinicpal
As the founder and principal of JHL Solutions, Juli Lassow is responsible for helping retail businesses find their perfect partners and create their perfect private label products, through training, consulting, and coaching.