Transform how you develop & sell products

Expand & elevate your supplier base
Build stronger teams & partnerships
Activate sustainable strategies
Minimize risk & accelerate growth

What We Do

JHL Solutions takes the mystery out of building successful retail partnerships.
Find the "best for you" partners
Expertly negotiate product costs and terms with retail partners
Develop and streamline product development and sourcing activities for private label products
Build internal processes and teams to develop, source, and negotiate product assortments

Our Work

Procurement savings for a Fortune 500 retailer
Supplier matrix development for a Fortune 50 retailer $1B in annual revenue
Negotiation, tools/processes, training, & coaching for a Fortune 50 retailer
Private label supplier matrix & launch of new brand for Fortune 50 retailer

Kind Words

Juli has been a big hit with our retail audience! Juli’s insights are deeply rooted in industry experience, and she speaks a language that businesses looking to become smarter and more customer-connected understand and appreciate. We can’t wait to have her back!

Bruce Nustad

President, Minnesota Retailers Association

I’ve had Juli speak at my retail events the past 2 years and it’s been a pleasure working with her. Her retail knowledge and expertise shine through in her presentations. As the event organizer, what I appreciate most is her preparation and communication during the process.

Dan Phan

Founder at Workbreaker, The Late Majority, and CUE4: retail [un]conference

Juli is a real Pro! Leveraging her 17+ years on the frontline of a major tier-one retailer has provided a foundation of domain expertise and vital learnings that all of us in the retail ecosystem can benefit from.

Eric Linxwiler

Sr. Vice President, Retail Solutions, CBX Software

With Juli’s expertise, experience, and vision, your company will be guided to weather any storms safely and smartly.

Terry Wu, Ph.D.

Consultant & Speaker: Empower Your Leadership, Sales and Marketing with Neuroscience ~ TEDx Speaker

Juli is strategic, practical, and incredibly resourceful, and she clearly derives great joy from helping others succeed. In all of my interactions with her, she’s displayed confidence and genuineness while maintaining a posture of curiosity and desire to learn from her clients and audience.

Mary Stieber Reynhout, MA